11 Foods Scientifically Proven to Lower Your Blood Pressure

owering high blood pressure can be difficult.

You need to relax more and get adequate sleep.

Take medications daily- as though it’s natural.

Exercise regularly.

And perhaps hardest of all, change the way you eat.

The cruel twist? You can’t feel stressed by any of this because it only makes things worse (1)…

High blood pressure (known medically as hypertension) is easy to get, and hard to get rid of. And it shows in the data.

One in every three American adults has high blood pressure, and it contributes to 1,000 US deaths per day.

To normalise blood pressure is one of, if not the most important thing you can do to increase your health, quality of life and lifespan.

Fortunately, evidence shows there’s an abundance of natural food to lower blood pressure available to us. Rather than cutting things out, science shows that you can really benefit from adding these into your diet.

So if you’re struggling with blood pressure, these are a must try.

Prefer visuals? Check out the adapted infographic here.

Nitrates in beetroot can lower blood pressure

Nitrates and nitrites are compounds that play a big part in our metabolic system.

The influence they have can be quite confusing, but it’s definitely worth understanding if you’ve got blood pressure problems.

Many believe nitrates and nitrites are unnatural, although that’s not actually the case. They are commonly added to foods as preservatives, but they are also naturally produced by your body for saliva (2, 3).

What’s important to know is nitrates and nitrites can be converted into two different compounds: Nitrosamines (very bad) or Nitric Oxide (very good). To put it simply:

Nitrates –> Nitrites –> Nitrosamines OR Nitric Oxide

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