20 Minute Morning Yoga Routine: Wake Up Fast & Energize Your Days!

Give your day the head start it deserves with this 20-minute morning yoga routine.

It’s specifically designed to rid overnight stiffness, wake up your muscles and sharpen your mind.

The initial poses stretch…while the final poses strengthen and tone.

Here’s a preview of the wake-up morning yoga routine:

1. Cobra
2. Cat-Cow
3. Pidgeon
4. Bound Angle
5. Spine Twist
6. Plank
7. Bridge
8. Garland
9. Mountain
10. Standing Forward Fold
11. Tree
12. Warrior II
13. Extended Triangle
14. Warrior I

Hold each pose for 1 minute unless otherwise stated (Easy!).

The entire morning yoga routine should take only 20 minutes or less.

And when you’re finished, you’ll be ready to tackle the day head on!

But first:

What are the Benefits of a Morning Yoga Routine?

Here are just a few of the many benefits of performing a morning yoga routine:

1. Relieves Tension and Stiffness

A morning yoga routine is a fantastic way to rid overnight stiffness and tension.

Without resolving this tension, it can put us in a bad mood all day and cause other health problems.

Practicing a morning yoga routine allows you to identify where you hold this tension and release it from your body.

2. Improves Posture and Balance

If you spend the majority of your life sitting and slouching, yoga helps improve your posture.

No more stooped shoulders and you’ll appear taller and more confident!

3. Promotes Relaxation

Because yoga promotes relaxation and slow breathing, it helps you to carry over these habits into your everyday life.

4. Improves Brain Function

Just 20 minutes of yoga can sharpen your mental focus and improve memory.

5. Fends Off Cravings

Trying to lose weight?

The University of Washington revealed that yoga has a positive impact on diet awareness.

When you’re more mindful of what you eat, you’re more likely to make healthier choices and lose weight.

6. Boosts Immunity

Yoga helps to flush out your lymph nodes and stimulate internal organs.

This gives your body a greater advantage when fighting, infections, cancer, and other illnesses.

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