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          1. About Us

            Shandong Xin Feng Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a power, construction, chemical industry, environmental protection, municipal engineering design and consulting in the design of integrated units. Now has the power industry (thermal power) B, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry (chemical engineering) professional grade B, Municipal Utilities (heat) C qualification of engineering design, engineering consultation, C (electricity, municipal, chemical industry, new energy industry).

            Shandong Xin Feng Engineering Co., Ltd. belongs to knowledge-intensive business, strong technical force, advanced engineering equipment. A total of 57 existing formal workers, including professional and technical personnel more than 90% of the total number, total number of senior titles 80%. With maintenance, electrical, civil engineering, environmental protection, thermal control, hydraulic, HVAC, total pay, transportation and other professionals.

            Company has four design department and a branch: Thermal Design, Environmental Design Department, Ministry of power transmission design, thermal design department, and there Shanxi Branch. 135MW thermal power generating units designed mainly engaged in the design of the following; environmental design department is mainly engaged in medium-sized power plant flue gas desulphurization and denitrification of the design; power transmission design department is mainly engaged in the design of medium and large power transmission lines; thermal design department mainly in urban or industrial heat pipe network design; the company continued its own power at the same time a strong, positive and major provinces and cities nationwide institute, scientific research has established long-term relationship, the United completed a number of engineering design. Met with Power Engineering Consulting Institute, Shandong Province, Shanxi Electric Power Design Institute, Hebei Electric Power Design Institute 300MW ~ 1000MW of large unit design; Shandong Province Metallurgical Design Institute of blast furnace, coke oven gas utilization power generation projects; China Environmental Science Research Institute cooperation flue gas desulfurization, denitrification and engineering design.

            Since the establishment of thermal power construction drawings accumulated a number of design projects, including the capacity of the units from 3MW to 150MW, desulfurization project construction design, the heating pipe network projects, power transmission line design and feasibility study report number and so on. The company also equipped with advanced publishing, scanning, copying, printing, binding integrated publishing equipment, computer drawing rate of 100%. Established a computer as a support to the database at the core of the electronic records systems and digital, word processing center, to meet the engineering survey and design, integrated information management, office automation and computer graphics processing requirements.

            Shandong Xin Feng Engineering Co., Ltd. adhere to the "well-designed, quality first, quality service, customer satisfaction," the quality and won the support and trust of our customers have also made good economic and social benefits. Company continues to adhere to the "We are committed to achieve your dreams," the service, adhere to "rigorous, innovative, integrity, win-win" business philosophy, dedicated to working closely with the community, passion to provide quality services for a better future.

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