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          1. Business

            Shandong Xin Feng Engineering Co., Ltd. is a power, construction, chemical industry, environmental protection, municipal engineering design and consulting in the design of integrated units. Engineering design qualification now has: the power industry (thermal power) Class B qualification, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry (chemical engineering) professional B qualification, municipal utilities industry (heat) C qualification of engineering design, engineering consulting qualification: Engineering Consulting C (Electricity , Municipal, chemical industry, new energy industry) qualification. Certificate may be permitted in the corresponding construction projects within the business of general contracting and project management and related technical and management services.

            Main Business:
            Shandong Xin Feng Engineering Co., Ltd. in power, thermal, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, gas, environmental engineering, municipal engineering and other industries, engaged in the following business:
            Preliminary work and Consulting
            —  Regional and business development plans
            —  Project proposal
            —  Project (pre-) Feasibility study report
            —  Project Application Report
            Engineering Contracting
            —  Engineering Design
            —  Procurement of equipment and materials
            —  Construction Management
            Engineering Quality Supervision
            300MW power plants and thermal power plant and the following new construction, expansion and technological innovation, and comprehensive utilization of power generation (wind, biomass, waste, steel supporting the exhaust heat, coke plant auxiliary heat, CDQ heat, etc.); 300MW and below, power plants and Thermal Power Plant of dry, wet, semi-dry flue gas desulfurization; chemical engineering, medicine, engineering, synthetic ammonia, urea, etc.; city municipal public works construction, expansion and transformation.
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