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          1. Corporate Culture

            Enterprise is a tree, corporate culture is the root of the tree;

            Accumulation of historical development;

            Is the sum of material and spiritual wealth;

            Is the driving force for sustainable development of enterprises; is the common sense of psychological identity.


            Founded in 2005, Shandong Province, Xin Feng Engineering Co., Ltd. interpretation of his own actions, "hard work and selfless dedication "of the cultural tradition. Now facing a new environment, new challenges, new opportunities, we uphold the "people-oriented, harmonious development " core values??, to achieve "rigorous, innovative, integrity, win-win"vision of the party.


            Ideals and convictions, and strive to build innovative, digital, international, modern science and technology enterprises, determined to Shandong Xin Feng limited engineering design projects into an internationally competitive engineering design company.

            To put people first, respect for employees of the initiative and hard work, to provide staff development and the stage to display their abilities.

            Believe the customer comes first, attention to customer service in any detail, beyond the customers growing material and spiritual needs.

            Practice management principles, regulatory compliance, the pursuit of excellence for the community and provide customers with better, more environmentally friendly products and services, healthier and more secure conditions to carry out cleaner production and service activities.

            Bearing in mind the continuous innovation, the innovation placed on every aspect of business development, adhere to the technical innovation, management innovation, quality, innovation, service innovation.

            Promote the harmonious development of attention to corporate internal and external harmony, the harmonious development of the enterprise to promote social harmony.

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