Health Benefits Of Cocoa

Therefore, this foodstuff belongs to the Super Food category.


  • protects the body from the influence of free radicals
  • It reduces stress and depression
  • Protects against heart disease and blood vessels
  • Protects against many types of cancer
  • excellent source of iron
  • regulates the level of sugar and cholesterol
  • encourages better memory and concentration
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack
  • helps in regulating blood pressure

Cocoa contains more than 300 chemicals with a positive health effect.

In its composition, cocoa is extremely rich in antioxidants that are responsible for the overall health of the organism.

Antioxidants protect your body from disease and from free radicals, which are the main cause of aging.

Cocoa contains the highest concentration of antioxidants in comparison to any other food in the world.

Due to its composition rich in minerals (especially magnesium), cocoa helps in the fight against stress.

 Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 processes in the body – from digestion to the heart and brain.

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