Top 25 Foods for Diabetics

Do you suffer from diabetes?

And are you fed up with eating the same foods for diabetics?

There’s no question about it:

The food choices you make as a diabetic strongly influence the quality of your life.

And making smart food choices can mean the difference between you managing your condition…or it managing you.

The best foods for diabetics are most often whole foods that are not processed.


Because these foods are front-runners in keeping blood sugar levels low.

And regulating blood sugar levels through correct food choices is key to managing and reversing type II diabetes naturally.

Including these extra-healthy superfoods in your diet will not only lower your risk of, or even reverse diabetes, but also meet all your nutritional needs.


What’s more, eating these foods for diabetes will ward off heart disease, stroke, dementia, high blood pressure and obesity!

According to the American Diabetes Association, of the 30.3 million adults diagnosed with diabetes in 2015, 7.2 million were undiagnosed.

So whether you have diabetes, think you may be a candidate or simply want to enjoy better health prospects, make these 25 foods for diabetics a regular feature in your diet.

The Top 25 Foods for Diabetics.

1. Dark Chocolate

The flavonoids found in dark chocolate (85% or more) make your body sensitive to insulin and reduce insulin resistance.

These compounds can also bring a decrease in the insulin levels and help you control your cravings.

In one study, people who consumed dark chocolate felt a decrease in their urge towards eating salty, sweet, or fatty foods.

The people who ate milk chocolate did not report similar results.  That is why, you should not reach out for any kind of chocolate blindly.  Choose the dark variety as this has been proven conclusively to work!

Choose the dark variety as this has been proven conclusively to work!

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